Foes Team Up, Because Van Damme Has Frank Costanza's Hair and an Apple, in 'Enemies Closer' Trailer

July 16, 2013


The action of Enemies Closer seems to be rooted entirely in the wisdom of two well-worn platitudes. Confusingly, neither of those seem to be "keep your friends close, your enemies closer." Instead, the film combines "your past will always catch up" and "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" with a baffling trio of leads that have absolutely no reason to be in this movie together.

Tom Everett Scott plays a forest ranger who's apparently taken this secluded wilderness job to get away from something in his past. Whatever that thing is, it evidently upset Orlando Jones, as he shows up to Scott's cabin posing as a lost hiker before revealing that he's actually there for some kind of revenge. Keeping this from just being the bargain bin version of Travolta and De Niro's upcoming Killing Season, Jean-Claude Van Damme arrives with a perm and some flunkies, and for some reason he sets to murdering both Scott and Jones, forcing the two to team up. Punching and throat violence ensues at near-Road House levels. Here's the trailer.


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