Giant Mechs Fighting Monsters Fails To Match Demand of Adam Sandler Enjoying Friendship

July 15, 2013


Your weekend box office:

1. Despicable Me 2 - $44.8 million, topping the box office for a second week. Looks like I'm not the only one who just buys tickets to whatever sounds most self-loathing.

2. Grown Ups 2 - $42.5 million--an even better opening than the first film, which went on to gross over $270 million worldwide. Isn't that fucking depressing?

3. Pacific Rim - $38.3 million. If that's how everyone's going to be, we'll just see if Idris Elba even bothers to cancel the apocalypse next time around.

4. The Heat - $14 million. In the sequel, Sandra Bullock is going to be reassigned with Jason Patric!

5. The Lone Ranger - $11.1 million, nearly falling out of the top five in just its second week. It's almost as if people don't even care about re-imagined Western characters from old-time radio anymore.

Weekend Box Office Results [Box Office Mojo]

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