'Gran Turismo' Games To Give Us More Car Movies

July 25, 2013


As has been so keenly visualized by Vin Diesel letting a giant safe drag around behind a couple speeding cars, the Fast and Furious franchise is pretty cavalier about collateral damage in the pursuit of profit. Beyond some hefty property destruction and an overall rise in car insurance premiums, the franchise's money-making has caused the creation of name-brand knock-offs in the upcoming Need for Speed and Hot Wheels movies--and now there's another in Gran Turismo.

The Wrap reports Sony--apparently jealous that Universal, DreamWorks, and Legendary all had such cool cars in their lot--is working on an adaptation of their PlayStation series to turn into an action movie. It's said the film "will seek to distinguish itself from competitors in the marketplace," though how it will do so is casually overlooked. Considering that the game is renowned for its realism, featuring real cars behaving according to their abilities and actual physics, probably by ignoring all that and having a car somehow burst straight out the tip of a submarine into a sunken pirate ship.

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