Johnny Depp Will Be the Other Hat Guy Again

July 15, 2013


With the middling performances of Dark Shadows and now Lone Ranger calling into question Johnny Depp's star power, the actor is moving quick to establish that his brand is still healthy despite its weirdly-consistent pallor. He just last week signed on to take shelter in the familiarly-foppish eccentricity of Mortdecai, and now he's arranging to also nestle himself back into the comforting, bankable popularity of his Mad Hatter's hat. , Deadline reports the actor is in final negotiations to reprise the part for Disney's Alice in Wonderland sequel, even though his old chum Tim Burton won't be along for the ride. Instead, Depp will be taking direction from Muppets director James Bobin this time, by which I mean Depp will not be taking any direction at all.

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