NBC's 'Dracula' Trailer: The Count Is Getting into Depeche Mode

July 23, 2013


One of several Dracula projects in some stage of development, NBC's Dracula casts Jonathan Rhys Meyers as the blood-sucker in what looks like a Jack the Ripper-meets-vampire erotica take on the material. Here's a Depeche Mode-backed trailer showing off the lead's complex duality: a fratboy Dracula who wants to get laid and drunkenly shotgun a few neckfuls of blood, but also not above pampering himself with a sensual candlelit bath when it comes to cleaning himself up.

Dracula premieres on NBC Friday, October 25. It will be re-worked three episodes later and re-released as Howie Mandel's Pick-a-Coffin.

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