Next Superman Movie To Also Feature a Sort of Bat Man, Then We'll Get to The Flash

July 22, 2013


Apparently content with how fleshed out and rubber-coated they got Superman with Man of Steel, Warner Bros. and [visionary] director Zack Snyder have revealed that for the sequel they'll be tossing in even more parent mourning with the addition of Batman.

The announcement came at Warner's Comic Con panel this weekend, where Snyder had a Bruce Wayne quote read from The Dark Knight Returns--Frank Miller's seminal comic series in which an elderly Batman manages to beat up Superman something rough--while cautioning that he isn't actually adapting that. Following that, the above logo was projected in the auditorium, and everyone flipped the fuck out, because it turns out Comic Con attendees generally enjoy nerd-servicing things about Batman and Superman. As you can see in the video below, then the panel abruptly ended, leaving fans to ponder if this means the two heroes will square off--and if they're going to have to watch another origin story again, or if at this point we can kind of assume everyone understands who Batman is. It's not like anyone got confused when Clooney showed up in a codpiece, and that should be confusing.

THR reports the team-up film is dated for 2015, with a Flash film and the big Justice League project tentatively scheduled for the following two years. Though shooting is set to begin next summer, it's not yet clear who will be playing Batman; Christian Bale has said he's definitively done with the role, and we don't yet have the results of the studio's latest essay contest. What's more clear is that, with Superman and Batman finally sharing the screen, they are going to cause so much property damage.

(Logo photo from Eric Vespe)

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