Now Paul Greengrass Will Shakily Shoot Aaron Sorkin's 'Chicago 7' Script

July 24, 2013


DreamWorks is finally getting back to work on The Chicago 7, the real-life legal drama that will be the crisp Sprite to Orlando Jones' flat, year-old Chicago 7-Up.

Aaron Sorkin started the Chicago 7 script back in 2007, and Steven Spielberg was long attached to direct, with the Academy more than ready to throw a minimum of two Oscars their way. But thanks to the Writers Guild strike, production was delayed and Spielberg moved on to other projects; the studio made some attempts to get Paul Greengrass or Ben Stiller to take over, but then they let the project fall to the wayside, leaving a full Sorkin script in a drawer, woefully neither walking nor talking.

Now, according to Deadline, Greengrass is back in negotiations, said to be in "final talks" to direct as his follow up to Captain Phillips--his piracy thriller that stars Tom Hanks, the last thing Greengrass stole from Spielberg.

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