Now There's a Third Lance Armstrong Movie in Development

July 26, 2013


The sports scandal that changed everything we knew about professional cycling--"everything" being that Lance Armstrong was a guy who did that--is now coming to screens in three separate films.

With Jay Roach and J.J. Abrams already working on their own tales of doping, bike-riding and Sheryl Crow-dating, The Queen and High Fidelity director Stephen Frears is reportedly getting in on the action too with his own Lance Armstrong movie.

Though it would seem at first that Frears is behind his competition in terms of time--as well as in terms of title, considering Abrams' project officially has the best name in Cycles of Lies--according to Deadline, his film may actually be further along than the other two, as he's already cast his lead. The Messenger and Ain't Them Bodies Saints star Ben Foster will star as Frears' Armstrong, playing him from his cancer battle to his later battle with looking like a big liar. The film is expected to begin production this fall.

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