'Ride Along' Trailer: Ice Cube and Kevin Hart Did the Buddy Cop Comedy They Might as Well Have Done

July 1, 2013


Kevin Hart is a Paul Blart-style security guard with designs on becoming a cop and marrying his girlfriend. Before he can do either of those things, he's going to have to go spend a night on the job with his girlfriend's tough cop brother, Ice Cube. But what happens when their routine ride-along becomes a high-stakes battle against the Atlanta's toughest criminal? Comedy!

Doesn't that sound like just the sort of thing TBS will eventually air for a few weekends straight? Well, in order for that to occur, first it has to be an actual movie released in theaters, so here's a trailer for that happening:

Because white people are like "lunchroom pacificism," and black people are like "since you unexpectedly found a way to save the day while I was incapacitated, I grant you a denouement where you marry my sister and become a cop."

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