Robert Downey Jr. Tops List of Movie Stars Who Made a Ton of Money

July 17, 2013


Thanks to the premium he charges Marvel to grow a little goatee, Robert Downey Jr. this year tops Forbes' list of Hollywood's highest-paid actors. The actor reportedly made an estimated $75 million from the billion-dollar box offices of The Avengers and Iron Man 3. This guy can afford so many pairs of lightly-tinted sunglasses.

Channing Tatum was next on the list--though White House Down didn't do all that well, the surprising success of his self-funded Magic Mike helped the celebrity torso gross $60 million--followed by Hugh Jackman, Mark Wahlberg, and Dwayne Johnson, as this list was designed to double as People's Hottest Hunky Beach Bods spread. Here's the full top ten, with dollar values to help you realize how horribly poor you are compared to either Jack or Jill:

1. Robert Downey Jr. - $75 million
2. Channing Tatum - $60 million
3. Hugh Jackman - $55 million
4. Mark Wahlberg - $52 million
5. Dwayne Johnson - $46 million
6. Leonardo DiCaprio - $39 million
7. Adam Sandler - $37 million
8. Tom Cruise - $35 million
9. Denzel Washington - $33 million
10. Liam Neeson - $32 million

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