Sony Making 'Fast and Furious' but with Boats

July 18, 2013


Sony Pictures is reportedly buying the rights to Go Fast, an action film in which things will totally go really fast.

Specifically, boats will go fast, and thanks to that, the title isn't quite as ridiculously reductive as it might seem--small, slim speed boats actually are called "go-fast boats," or alternately "rum-runners" or "cigarette boats" thanks to their use in heroically smuggling those things to needy barflies. The film is said to do for these boats "what The Fast and the Furious did with cars" (put large bald guys in them?), and Rich Wilkes is writing, having proved himself extreme enough to do that with xXx. Kick-Ass 2's writer and director, Jeff Wadlow, will direct sometime before or after he does that X-Force movie he just signed on for. Wadlow is already expected to follow those up with a movie about a sweet F-14 Tomcat and a film about an elven warrior babe, as he's clearly just working through things I tried to draw in 1991.

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