Steven Soderbergh's Retirement Now Includes a Clive Owen Series

July 26, 2013


Edging toward his long-planned retirement one baby step at a time, director Steven Soderbergh is now attached to follow up his HBO film Behind the Candelabra with a ten-episode Cinemax series, the methadone of movie-making.

In another little baby step down from Damon and Douglas, Clive Owen will star in the show, titled The Knick after its setting of Manhattan's now-defunct Knickerbocker Hospital. Set in 1900, the series looks at the surgeons, nurses, and other staff who fought to save patients in an age before advanced medicines, devices, and antibiotics. So you're gonna get some amputations.

Soderbergh and Owen are also executive producing the series, expected to premiere in 2014. Should it not manage to finally wean Soderbergh off filmmaking, the director may need to next do some Encore webisodes with Christian Slater.

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