Vince Vaughn Donates All His Caring Gazes to 'Delivery Man' Trailer

July 2, 2013


Prepare yourself for the adventures of Vince Vaughn, heart-warmingly benevolent sperm factory, with a new trailer for Delivery Man.

The film is Québécois writer-director Ken Scott's English remake of his own Starbuck, following the 1998 Psycho model of projecting an old film across the broad surface of Vaughn. He plays a lovable loser who years before donated to a sperm bank that, due to a classic semen bungle, ended up making him the sire of 533 children. When the children campaign to learn the identity of their anonymous schlub, he decides that, instead of coming forward, he will locate each child, nervously but lovingly gaze at them, and donate a sickly syrupy act of goodwill that, this time, doesn't spurt out his dick-hole. Because apparently this is Vaughn's variously-masturbatory Patch Adams:

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