AUGHHHH, Josh Gad To Play Sam Kinison, AUGHHHH

August 5, 2013


Josh Gad is attached to get himself extremely hoarse in a biopic on the late comic Sam Kinison. Deadline says Gad has signed on to play the preacher-turned-screaming-comedian in Kinison, which is being helmed by Larry Charles, a Curb Your Enthusiasm director who's certainly shown he can handle manic bursts of intense, shouted anger. The film reportedly "picks up the Kinison story in the 80s, as he transitions from the family business of Pentecostal preaching and into stand up comedy in Hollywood," following his ascent to fame, quick descent into drugs and alcohol, and eventual sobriety before his premature death--caused not by substance abuse but by a car accident. The script comes from xXx writer Rich Wilkes, so don't be surprised if said car accident is inappropriately awesome.

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