Bradley Cooper Probably Playing Lance Armstrong After All

August 16, 2013


It was just earlier this year Bradley Cooper laughed off talk he would play Lance Armstrong, denying the rumor with "a massive laugh," adding, "Oh my God, that's so nuts!" But, like every denial surround Lance Armstrong, it turns out that was bullshit, and Cooper was probably just laughing because of all the drugs he was on.

Word comes today from Deadline that Cooper likely will, in fact, play Armstrong or at least his teammate--though not in the J.J. Abrams-produced project he was originally rumored for. Instead, he's said to be coming aboard to produce and likely take a lead part in Warner Bros. and director Jay Roach's rival project, Red-Blooded American.

That film is working from the life rights of Armstrong's teammate, Tyler Hamilton, one of the first to come forward and admit that doping up makes your legs super awesome. If Cooper doesn't end up playing Armstrong, Hamilton's is likely the spandex he'll fill. Either way, just so long as we get to watch actors ride bicycles and lie.

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