Bryan Cranston, Mark Strong Rumored for Lex Luthor, Because That's Convenient

August 9, 2013


The baldist ideology that recently led to Vin Diesel's casting as Kojak is apparently being used to generate superhero casting rumors, too, as sinister bald brothers Bryan Cranston and Mark Strong are now being thrown around as possible Lex Luthors in the Man of Steel sequel.

lex-luthor.jpgAs Billy Zane wasn't around for interrogation, DigitalSpy recently asked Strong if he was up for the part of the depilated Superman villain. The actor responded, "All I can say is... watch this space." We can only guess what he meant by that, and whether he was pointing at his smooth head as he said it, but it's not exactly a denial. That would be, "Fuck no and screw that shit. Did you not see Green Lantern?"

Meanwhile, another rumor claims someone entirely different--except for being bald, of course--is being lined up to play Luthor. "Which superhot actor finishing final season of hit TV show who also was in 2 films for WB is up for juicy badguy part?", LatinoReview's El Mayimbe teased in a recent blind item. Since Richard Moll has been done with Night Court's final season for many years now, assumedly that means Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston could return to snarling about colored rock for Warner's superhero sequel.

We'll wait and see if either of these rumors pan out. But in the meantime, we'll just continue blaming hipsters for poor razor sales, even though it might really be that Hollywood only ever shaves the same half-dozen guys over and over.

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