CBS Turning 'Wizard of Oz' into Medical Drama

August 9, 2013


CBS is finally addressing The Wizard of Oz's serious lack of procedural medical diagnoses and nurse-doctor love affairs. The network and executive producers Carl Beverly and Sarah Timberman, the team that brought Sherlock Holmes to New York City with Elementary, are reportedly now doing the same for L. Frank Baum's classic with Dorothy, a medical soap that will likewise bring the characters and themes of Oz to an NYC hospital. "Dorothy, I need a heart! FOR MY CHILDREN'S WARD PATIENT. This munchkin is dying, and I'm too arthritic to perform the surgery." It pretty much writes itself. But since it doesn't quite, Ghost Whisperer and New York Minute writer Emily Fox will script the pilot.

At least this time we'll see it coming when it's abruptly revealed all the doctors are actually working-class characters abstracted in a dream, huh, St. Elsewhere?

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