'Chicken Soup for the Soul' Movie Coming Now That Books at Peak Popularity

August 8, 2013


With Lionsgate-Summit at work on a Men Are from Mars, Reese Witherspoons Are From Venus film, Alcon Entertainment is clearly feeling threatened in the "decades-old trendy books your mom has on a shelf somewhere" market. The company behind What To Expect When You're Expecting has announced they're now planning to develop Chicken Soup for the Soul in a similar ensemble style, amassing cheerful actors into a benign tumor. That cast isn't yet in place, but the screenplay will come from Brandon Camp, who made himself a force in the world of utterly anodyne titles with Love Happens. It isn't yet revealed which of the book's plots and characters will be drawn from the 101 Stories to Open the Heart and Rekindle the Spirit, but that's fine, because they all sound so good.

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