Darren Aronofsky Taking on Some Sexy Spies

August 14, 2013


Having tackled the Bible with his upcoming Noah, Darren Aronofsky is ready to take on America's next largest threat you'd think we'd be over by now with the Russian spy tale Red Sparrow. Deadline reports 20th Century Fox paid seven figures for the rights to CIA vet Jason Matthews' novel, and now the Black Swan director is in early talks to direct.

Set in today's relatively modern Russia, the story follows two agents pitted against each other in a game of sexy wits: one a Russian agent, drafted to become a femme fatale, a "sparrow," and find the mole giving information to the Americans; the other the young CIA agent serving as liaison between the U.S. and their informant. You get those two together, you know things are going to get steamy, and spy-y. The female lead is also a former ballerina, so Natalie Portman should probably start practicing her Russian.

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