Forest Whitaker's Hall of President Impersonations Leads the Weekend Box Office

August 19, 2013


Your weekend box office:

1. Lee Daniel's The Butler - $25 million. After months of juvenile summer action, it seems adult audiences were finally hungry for whatever Oprah told them to be hungry for.

2. We're the Millers - $17.8 million. Like Miller beers, still somehow getting by just fine on an offensive blandness and occasional scantily-clad woman.

3. Elysium - $13.6 million. You can lead Matt Damon to an obvious sci-fi analogue to our own privileged upper class, but you can't make people keep watching that.

4. Kick-Ass 2 - $13.5 million, falling well short of expectations to open over six million below its 2010 predecessor. Oops.

5. Planes - $13.1 million, taking in almost twice the gross of the newly-released Jobs. Not even the great Steve Jobs can successfully launch an Ashton Kutcher drama.

Weekend Box Office Results [Box Office Mojo]

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