Meryl Streep Joins Jeff Bridges in 'The Giver' Adaptation

August 7, 2013


Meryl Streep and Jeff Bridges are set to share the screen, and it won't just be in a Hope Springs sequel Tommy Lee Jones refuses to do. According to Deadline, they're attached to co-star in The Giver, Patriot Games director Phillip Noyce's adaptation of the Newbery Medal-winning 1993 novel. Bridges has long been attached to play the title character, the man who imparts society's secret memories upon the young lead, Brenton Thwaites, slowly revealing that their utopian society is actually more of a dystopian society, which is way more hot right now. Streep will play the chief elder, charged with maintaining the status quo that keeps the people at the modestly-pleasant even keel of anti-depressants. In other words, Streep will be the stern authoritarian, and Bridges will be the one totally freeing your mind, because that's just the way our society works.

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