Miles Teller Rumored for 'Fantastic Four'

August 2, 2013


Spectacular Now star Miles Teller is rumored to be returning to superlative filmmaking with a lead part in Fox's Fantastic Four reboot. As with the film's previous casting rumors, Allison Williams and Michael B. Jordan, there still aren't said to be any deals or offers on the table, but according to The Wrap, Teller has met with Josh Trank and is said to be the director's first choice to fill the distinguished greying temples of the team's leader, the tensile Mister Fantastic.

Teller has earned some strong reviews for his recent work in Spectacular Now, so the meager acting thus far required of being in a Fantastic Four movie shouldn't be a problem. But with his being just 26, his age might. They can change the character's origin all they want, but it's always annoying when there's some kid who looks like he's in high school and you still have to call him "mister."

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