New 'Jobs' Trailer: Ashton Kutcher Is Trying To Build an Apple Here, Alright?

August 6, 2013


The dreams of the visionary Steve Jobs meet the pragmatism of Ashton Kutcher being the Apple founder's closest visual analogue in the new trailer for Jobs. The results, unsurprisingly, seem to have come out about the same as when any other company tries to copy an Apple design: it looks relatively accurate superficially, and it seems largely functional, but there's still just enough tangible cheapness that no one is going to be queuing up on the sidewalk for this thing. Still, if you can't wait for Sorkin-upgraded Jobs biopic S, this will do.

Lucky they got that Macklemore track. It would have really brought down the mood if they had to use Mack the Knife just to get someone saying "Mac" in there.

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