'Now You See Me' Made Enough To Get a Sequel

August 9, 2013


The year's big sleeper hit that audiences worldwide ended up seeing, even if they can't remember exactly why, is getting a sequel. Lionsgate has reportedly started work on Now You See Me 2, a follow-up to the one where Facebook was a magician, and Woody Harrelson and Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman were in it.

Though the film received middling reviews, and no one thought they'd ever be asked to think about it again after they left the theater, it nonetheless made $115 million domestically and another $117 million internationally on its $75 million budget. Not only that, it still has yet to open in China, Australia, and Japan--where audiences are also expected to for one reason or another see Now You See Me--so you can see why a sequel makes sense financially. Because people will probably wind up seeing that, too, right?

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