Palme d'Or-Winning Lesbian Romance To Come Out as NC-17

August 21, 2013


Blue Is the Warmest Color, the romance already well-known for its overt sexual proclivities, will finally this October officially come out as an NC-17 film.

The film already came out to audiences at Cannes earlier this year, and those in attendance or who read about it later won't be surprised that the MPAA hurled such a stigmatizing label at it. According to THR, the notoriously uptight organization rationalized their rating as being not just for girls kissin' but for "explicit sexual content," which would probably be hard to argue against. Though Blue Is the Warmest Color was praised for its sexual frankness, at the same time, some have labeled it "porn" for its straight male fantasy glamorization of lesbianism as being really hot.

One such critic: Julie Maroh, author of the graphic novel from which the film was based. She decried the film's lack of lesbian creative talent, reportedly calling the explicit scenes "a brutal and surgical display, exuberant and cold, of so-called lesbian sex, which turned into porn." And once things turn into porn, you kind of have to give them a restrictive rating, or it just makes internet porn that much less special.

But what's more surprising is that distributor Sundance Selects--who, as a non-studio entity can release things ratings-free if they want--is bravely helping in the long push to at last make NC-17 ratings an acceptable means of release.

"This is a landmark film with two of the best female performances we have ever see on screen. The film is first and foremost a film about love, coming of age and passion. We refuse to compromise Kechiche's vision by trimming the film for an R rating, and we have every confidence that Blue Is the Warmest Color will play in theaters around the country regardless," said the president of Sundance Selects/IFC Films.

Meanwhile, the film will be released as recommended for ages 12 and up in its native France, where they will sip wine and laugh over how fucking prudish we are. It's just some girls screwing, mes amis.

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