Pixar Changes 'Finding Dory' Ending After Learning SeaWorld Is Terrible

August 9, 2013


Pixar has changed the finale of their upcoming Finding Nemo sequel, Finding Dory, upon learning that living in a pool and being forced to perform tricks is not actually a happy ending for a marine animal. The film was said to originally end with something in a SeaWorld-like marine park, but that's reportedly been altered now thanks to Blackfish, the hard-hitting documentary that explores how SeaWorld keeps getting people killed by making their whales go crazy. Since no one wants to imagine Dory's dorsal fin slowly droop as she grows increasingly despondent and violent at her institutionalization, Pixar has changed that ending. In light of Blackfish's revelations, the aquatic park is still in, but now the fish and sea mammals contained within will apparently "have the option to leave." They just have to first murder someone.

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