'Reality Bites' Bringing Gen X Angst to NBC's Sitcom Lineup

August 23, 2013


In a disappointing but ultimately more realistic update to Reality Bites, it seems Winona Ryder is going to end up with the shit-head TV executive after all.

The 1994 comedy that marked the directorial debut of Ben Stiller and gave an generation an apathetic voice is reportedly headed to NBC as a Reality Bites sitcom. Stiller is attached to executive produce and original screenwriter Helen Childress--who, in the true slacker spirit, seems to have written nothing else since--is signed to provide a pilot script.

Like the film, the series remains hopelessly stuck in the '90s, and still centers on recent college graduate Lelaina Pierce and her video documents of her decade-archetypical friends. Original stars Ryder, Stiller, Ethan Hawke, Janeane Garofalo, and Steve Zahn are not expected to take roles, as they all eventually gave up their ideals to pursue well-paying careers elsewhere, the sell-outs.

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