'The Book Thief' Trailer: Stealing Books and, of Course, Your Heart

August 21, 2013


Given the right circumstances, books can become one's most cherished treasures. Given another set of circumstances, they can become inspiring, cloying films that someone will claim made audiences stand up and cheer. In a rare turn of events, it looks like we'll be seeing both happen with The Book Thief, frequent Downton Abbey director Brian Percival's adaptation of the bestselling novel of the same name. Geoffrey Rush, Emily Watson, and young newcomer Sophie Nélisse star in the tale of Nazi-era Germany, family, and heartfelt stealing. Here's the trailer, which seems to trade out the book's omniscient narrator, the personification of Death, for the Hallmark Channel's omniscient narrator, the personification of feel-good melodrama. Same difference, I guess.

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