There Was Never Just One Jeremy Renner 'Bourne' Movie Planned

August 2, 2013


So, despite a 50% drop in U.S. sales from Bourne Ultimatum to Not Quite Bourne, Universal using their option to get Renner in another one of these things. Deadline reports Sherlock Holmes and Invictus writer Anthony Peckham has been hired on to write the new Bourne sequel, bringing his talent for action and hopefully attracting Matt Damon somehow. That said, Damon still isn't expected to return in any capacity, and it's not yet certain if series writer and most-recent director Tony Gilroy will either, though it's said "the studio wants to continue to build the spinoff character and storyline [he] hatched." Despite focusing on Renner's Aaron Cross, Universal will assumedly still retain the "Bourne" moniker, as Cross remains the Calvin and Hobbes of secret agents, too precious and universally beloved to be tainted by marketing.

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