Tony Jaa To Fight Some Cars in 'Fast and Furious 7'

August 26, 2013


Thai martial arts superstar Tony Jaa will reportedly make his big Hollywood debut in Vin Diesel's now-annual used car spectacular. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jaa will trade the elephants of Ong Bak for the similarly large, near-hairless mammals of The Fast and Furious by taking over as key Asian guy in the seventh chapter of the franchise. He'll be joining the usual cast as well as fellow newcomer Jason Statham in the film, which starts shooting in September under the direction of The Conjuring's James Wan. Though that production date is quickly approaching, series writer Chris Morgan is apparently still finishing the script, so details of Jaa's role are not yet known. Yet, amazingly, there somehow already a clip of him in the film:

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