Bill Murray Going on USO Tour for Barry Levinson and 'Scrooged' Writer

September 4, 2013


Bill Murray has selected the next film he'll grace with having Bill Murray as a lead, and it sounds like a good one. It's Rock the Kasbah, a comedy written by his Scrooged scribe Mitch Glazer and to be directed by Barry Levinson. According to QED, who are reportedly shopping the film at TIFF this month, the comedy "is the story of a burned-out music manager who goes to Afghanistan on the USO tour with his last remaining client. When he finds himself abandoned, penniless and without his passport, he discovers a young girl with an extraordinary voice, who stows away with him back to Kabul to compete on the popular television show The Afghan Star, Afghanistan's equivalent of American Idol." Of course, as anyone who's seen Lost in Translation knows, burned-out Murray visiting a younger woman and foreign television often results in some of our best weary/bemused/subtly-pleased Murray faces. And as anyone who's heard or read anything about Passion Play knows, you should forget that Glazer more recently wrote and directed Murray in that.

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