'Evil Dead' Director Damned to Hell of Video Game Adaptation

September 18, 2013


Having done too reasonable a job remaking Evil Dead, Fede Alvarez has apparently made himself a go-to-guy for violent, seemingly-impossible tasks. Now Universal is in talks with the Uruguayan director to make a film based on Dante's Inferno, the 2010 video game that itself seems based on what Hollywood would do as a Dante's Inferno adaptation. In it, Dante Alighieri is less of a poet than an awesome Templar knight. Armed with Death's scythe and a giant glowing cross, he journeys through the nine circles of Hell hacking the shit out of demons in the hopes of reclaiming the soul of his beloved Beatrice from Lucifer, who must also be scythed to death. Hey, is this an action movie or AP Lit???

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