Fatherly Rogen Takes on Douchey Efron in Red-Band 'Neighbors' Trailer

September 3, 2013


Insidious series young mother Rose Byrne just can't catch a break when it comes to suburban home ownership. First it was demons, and now it's a similarly blighting frat boy infestation in Nicholas Stoller's The Five-Year Engagement follow-up, Neighbors. Byrne and Seth Rogen star as new parents whose idyllic life is threatened when Zac Efron and Dave Franco move their fraternity headquarters next door, bringing with it all the De Niro costumes that inevitably accompany a case of Natty Light. An escalating back-and-forth battle ensues, and as is so often the case with war, it's the children who really suffer: as you'll see in this red-band trailer, Rogen and Byrne's baby breaks the long-held infant insemination taboo and sticks a used condom in its mouth. You know those incorrigible frat boys and their biohazards.

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