Final Season of 'Mad Men' Will Also Be Split Across a Couple Years

September 17, 2013


Since it's worked well enough for Breaking Bad, and since you can't stop watching at this point no matter what they do, AMC is splitting the final season of Mad Men into what's more accurately two, smaller seasons. The cable network today announced they plan to air the first seven episodes of the new season next spring, with the final seven not arriving for another year--meaning this thing isn't wrapping up until mid-2015, and depending on how this lawsuit pans out, Apple will do their best to screw the people who buy the show's "season pass." But on the plus side, now the original plan for a 13-episode finale has been extended to 14. So look forward to sharing a few more drinks with Don before his story draws to a close, and we finally learn he was a robot.

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