FX Making Modern 'American Psycho' Series To Out-Misguide 'American Psycho 2'

September 10, 2013


The serially misguided American Psycho franchise is continuing to rack up its crimes, regardless of whether or not you decide to acknowledge their realness in the end. Following up on the woeful American Psycho 2 and the long-held plans for an equally ill-advised remake, FX is reportedly developing a belated sequel series to Mary Harron's 2000 cult film.

Like the dubious remake, this series would shed all the seemingly-integral '80s satire stuff to bring Patrick Bateman to modern times and business card stocks. While the remake planned to at least use that change to make some on-the-nose commentary about today's bankers, the show will apparently use it to depict a 50-something Bateman who's now training a protégé to train in the task of investment Dextering. Already I'm excited to download each night's hot new murder backing track on iTunes.

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