'Game of Thrones' Getting into Sigur Rós Next Season

September 10, 2013


As your friend who read the books has probably already told you, next season of Game of Thrones will finally get to the shocking twist where dreamy Icelandic band Sigur Rós shows up. Or so says EntertainmentWeekly, who report that the trio is currently outside their native home Beyond the Wall to shoot a cameo in Croatia for the upcoming run of the hit HBO series. It's not being revealed who they'll play, or if Jónsi's going to stab a cello bow into a character you really like or something, but them being a wedding band probably isn't out of the question.

This won't be the first time musicians have appeared in Game of Thrones. Members of Snow Patrol and Coldplay have previously shot guest parts, while Nikolaj Coster-Waldau probably did keyboard/vocals in a short-lived Danish new wave band of the late '80s. You can just tell.

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