Gotham City Getting Its Own Crime Procedural

September 25, 2013


In keeping with always being a step or two behind Marvel, Warner Bros. is giving the S.H.I.E.L.D. treatment to the Batman world with Gotham, a series Fox reportedly just won after a bidding war. Because if Las Vegas and Miami deserve television procedurals, certainly Batman's hometown should get some glib weekly criminal investigation too, right?

Sort of like the Gotham Central comics but with more of a Gordon: Year One slant, the show is said to focus on a pre-commissioner Gordon when he was just a detective, before the days of Batman growling at him sometimes. To keep the show from being indistinguishable from the first half of a Law & Order, apparently it will also bring in some notable antagonists, exploring the origin stories of the city's famous villains. Maybe Gordon's first case can be about someone posting riddles on to lure teens into a sex-ring? Whatever it is, that's up to the guy who's running this thing: The Mentalist creator Bruno Heller. The series marks the first time since the '60s a live-action Batman take has interested my dad.

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