'Homefront' Trailer: Jason Statham Faces Off Against James Franco for Some Reason

September 12, 2013


With a script from Sylvester Stallone and a cast where any given actor has a five-year fame buffer between any other, Homefront may be the strangest shape yet someone's managed to fit in Jason Statham's wheelhouse.

The actor stars as a single dad who moves his daughter to rural America, where she can ride horses through the countryside, far from all the dangerous blokes and criminal chaps that inevitably plague Jason Statham. Unfortunately, when the girl ends up beating up a school bully, that kid's mom (Kate Bosworth, why not?) gets her meth dealer (James Franco? And he's named "Gator"? Sure!) to pay Statham a visit, and things quickly start devolving into a Jason Statham movie. Gator ends up visiting while our hero's away beating dudes up at the gas station, but his trip does reveal some interesting information: Statham's a cop! And for some reason he's still British, but we're never going to address that. After that, what follows appears to be exactly what you'd imagine if someone said "we made Straw Dogs, but with Jason Statham." Except you probably wouldn't have imagined a prominent children's birthday set piece nor Winona Ryder driving a speedboat. But then, here they are:

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