Matthew Bomer To Play Montgomery Clift, Who Never Seduced a College Girl into Bondage

September 19, 2013


Once again disappointing 50 Shades of Grey fans who hoped he'd be their Christian Grey, Matthew Bomer has secured another role that has nothing to do with BDSM Twilight fan-fic. The White Collar and Magic Mike star is reportedly attached to play the late actor Montgomery Clift in a biopic to be directed by Larry Moss. Clift was a huge Hollywood idol in the '50s, a four-time Oscar-nominated star rivaling Brando in celebrity and acclaim until a car accident left him with physical and emotional scars from which he'd never recover. Though Clift reportedly carried on affairs with various men and women, Elizabeth Taylor most famously among them, he probably will not tie any of them up in this. Sorry, porn mommies.

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