'Mr. Nobody' Trailer: Jared Leto Plows Straight Through a 'Choose Your Own Adventure'

September 12, 2013


Did a young Jared Leto decide to live with his mom or his dad? Is he "the 30 Seconds to Mars singer" or "the guy who isn't Marlon Wayans in Requiem for a Dream"? Is Mr. Nobody a convoluted, futuristic version of Sliding Doors or Jared Leto's most overwrought Bad Grandpa? If we don't choose, they're all possible!

It's difficult to tell from the trailer, but it seems that may be the general thrust of Mr. Nobody, Jaco Van Dormael's sci-fi drama debuting in two weeks on-demand before hitting theaters November 1. A heavily made-up Leto stars as an old man named Nemo Nobody, a patient being interviewed by a future doctor who appears to be a real fan of Ben Kingsley's Ender's Game work. As Elder-Leto describes his life, he recounts being given the choice of living with either of his parents when they separated; in the grand tradition of old guys telling rambling, incoherent stories, his tale somehow splits off down both paths of whom he went with, further forking into love stories detailing three separate marriages. Thusly, we see the different lives and loves that could have been, and what that Choose Your Own Adventure movie will look like if they go with the "just read the pages in order" option. Have a look:

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