New 'Under the Skin' Trailer: Don't Accept Rides from Strangers, Even if They're Notable Sexy Actresses

September 23, 2013


If Scarlett Johansson picks you up on the side of a highway and wants to have sex with you, bad news: she doesn't actually want to have sex with you. I mean, jeez, look at yourself. For production on Under the Skin, Johansson pulled that trick on some unsuspecting guys to get them to appear naturalistically horny on camera; within the context of the film, the pick-ups are still a trick, but the consequences are much higher than just feeling pranked and still horny. Turns out, her character is actually an alien working for one of her planet's corporations, sending them the human flesh she seduces off the highway--a dark, sci-fi satirization of big business, and of the cruel way we lure bulls to slaughter with sexy heifers. Here's our second unnerving look at this thing:

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