Nicolas Winding Refn Bringing More Seldom-Speaking Vengeance to Asia

September 9, 2013


As he showed when he followed up Drive with Only God Forgives, Nicolas Winding Refn is no more afraid of repeating themes than he is of human head mutilation. Now, following his Bangkok-set vengeance film, it seems the director will be returning to that kind of thing with what's likely his most on-the-nose title yet, The Avenging Silence.

Refn already has I Walk With The Dead in development with his Drive actress Carey Mulligan, and it's been suggested Barbarella remake series or Jodorowski's The Incal could be next. But according to THR, an entirely different project may be next for Refn, as he's said to be seeking funding for Avenging Silence at the Tokyo International Film Festival's CoPro Connection market. Plot details haven't yet been provided, though it's said the story takes place in Japan. That leave a lot of blanks to fill in, but if the past is any indication, those can mostly be left blank as indications of parts where Gosling is silently glowering, bathed in Tokyo's neon lights and barely-suppressed inner rage.

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