Robert Zemeckis in Talks To Direct Charlie Kaufman Script

September 10, 2013


A writer of surrealist takes on the human condition, and a director of not-quite-real takes on human-ish CGI things, may be teaming up for an unlikely product. TheWrap reports Robert Zemeckis is in talks to direct Chaos Walking, the Charlie Kaufman-scripted adaptation of Patrick Ness's post-apocalyptic young-adult trilogy.

Set where else but in a dystopian future, the story takes place on an outer-space, Earth-like planet recently colonized by humans. When some sort of infection causes the colonists' inner monologues to be constantly broadcast, privacy is destroyed and society is thrown into the chaos of trying to go to sleep when your brain won't shut up--except now everyone else's brain won't shut up too, and you should hear the dumb shit they think. As this is a young-adult book, it's obviously a teenage boy "who holds the key to stopping planet-wide destruction and saving mankind" from this menace.

Anyway, while a partnering of Zemeckis and Kaufman would usually be at least bizarre if not intriguing, it seems unlikely either man's characteristic eccentricities will come through here. Zemeckis is being forced to shoot this with real actors instead of his little computer mannequins and, likewise, with Lionsgate hoping this is "the next Hunger Games" to go along with their current Hunger Games, it seems doubtful Kaufman will have been allowed to spin this into anything weirdly meta.

Still, maybe if this works out, the two could team up again for a Being John Malkovich sequel or something. I'd love to see Zemeckis insist Malkovich now be played by the collective CGI motion-capture of 20-odd old people.

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