Salinger To Be Dragged into Spotlight for Biopic He Would Have Hated

September 18, 2013


The reclusive and now-deceased J. D. Salinger will make a rare public, living appearance to probably get someone an Oscar nomination. Thanks to the renewed interest spurred by Shane Salerno's Salinger doc and a 16-year-old opening Catcher in the Rye to discover that it must have been written specifically for him, The Weinstein Company has reportedly begun development on a feature biopic on the author. Salerno will write the script--his writing credits include Armageddon, Shaft, and Alien Vs. Predator: Requiem, and he's already lined up to provide James Cameron a fourth Avatar script--which will focus on the period of Salinger's life "between his service in World War II and the publishing of Catcher In The Rye, examining the effects war can have on an artist." Hopefully Danny DeVito will turn up again for some reason.

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