Sasha Grey Strips for Webcam, But This Time ISN'T COMPENSATED, in 'Open Windows' Trailer

September 13, 2013


Much can be and has been said about the modern-day obsession with celebrities. But what does it mean when obsession turns into Saw with real porn instead of torture porn, and Getaway with slightly more browser windows than cars? Your guess is as good as mine with this first trailer for Nacho Vigalondo's Open Windows, which plays less like a trailer than like one of those decoy commercials that's mimics a trailer before the actual trailers at a theater.

The film stars Elijah Wood (unmistakably, uniformed in one of his trim little shirts buttoned to the top) as the webmaster of a fan site for an actress whose work, presumably, is a lot better than what Sasha Grey is doing to play her here. In what seems like a blessing, a disembodied British voice on his computer one day grants Wood access to a collection of webcams secretly recording the actress, and Wood proceeds to open them in separate windows. Because "Open Windows" is a slightly better title than "Multiple Tabs."

But: THEN HE OPENED THE WRONG WINDOW. (Source: trailer.) Whatever that entails, the result is Wood being coerced to make Grey strip, followed by some arbitrary explosions, a tasing, and a very disjointed car chase. Prepare yourself to never see celebrity nor the "Open Link in New Window" option the same way again, then have a look below.

Is it that Woods has actually been selected to be part of a found-footage movie she's doing, and the voice is a producer recording his genuine reactions to put in it? Because that's the best I've got for how they'd make me care about the big reveal at all.


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