Shocker! Disney and Bruckheimer Broke Up Over Definitely Not 'The Lone Ranger'

September 20, 2013


Jerry Bruckheimer is sassy and single again! Bruck and longtime beau Walt Disney have confirmed that they've ended their longtime relationship, putting the mega-prod back on the market! Despite the disappointment caused by their recent miscarriage, The Lone Ranger, the former couple claims that has nothing to do with their decision to call it splits. "This is about a long-term relationship with lots of pluses and minuses," said Disney in a statement. "The Lone Ranger certainly didn't help things, but we all have our wins and our losses, and this is an overall thing related to the company's supply of projects from all these other places." Bruckheimer reaffirmed, "It's not about Lone Ranger."

But could the two end up getting back together for Disney's child, Touchstone Pictures? Afraid not! Bruckheimer has already nixed that idea, saying, "films that fall into [Touchstone's] wheelhouse are supplied by DreamWorks." Sounds like Disney's already found a new scruffy somebody in sexy Steven Spielberg! Still, sources say the two remain committed to staying friends, bound by their love of boating with Johnny Depp and supporting Nicolas Cage in his American history studies.

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