'Under the Skin' Teaser the Most Jarring Way To See Scarlett Johansson Mostly Naked

September 3, 2013


Those who have read Michel Faber's debut novel, Under the Skin, may be able to sort out what's happening in this unsettling first look at the book's adaptation, which comes from Birth director Jonathan Glazer. For everyone else, this will look like Calvin Klein made the mistake of getting David Lynch for their new Scarlett Johansson ad. Either way, obviously worth watching, so have a look at the teaser below.

For those wondering about the plot, it involves Johansson going around and picking up only the burliest of hitchhikers. As the story progresses, it's revealed--probable spoilers!--that this is sort of an artsy Species remake. Turns out she's an extraterrestrial working for one of her planet's corporations, sending them the human flesh she seduces off the highway--a dark, sci-fi satirization of big business, and of the cruel way we lure bulls to slaughter with sexy heifers. The film premieres today at the 70th Venice International Film Festival.

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