Alexander Payne Has His Next Project, and It Again Involves Someone Dying and Revealing Hidden Affairs

October 9, 2013


Because apparently he didn't get enough of people dying and having their affairs painfully revealed in About Schmidt and The Descendants, Alexander Payne is going to do that again. In India! The director and Fox Searchlight are reportedly teaming with Conde Nast Entertainment to produce an adaptation of The Judge's Will, Ruth Prawer Jhabvala's final New Yorker piece before her death earlier this year. The tale focuses on a Delhi judge who, after his second heart attack, rationally fears his life is drawing to an end. He has a beautiful young wife, but he also has an even younger, lower-class mistress; with his death nearing, he decides it's time to tell his wife that the young lover is totally in his will. I won't spoil how that pans out, because I don't know, but you can find out if you want by reading the story here. Probably safe to say it does not go over all that well, and that Freida Pinto should already assume she's cast in this.

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