'Breaking Bad' Creators Offered $75M for 3 More Episodes

October 9, 2013


No, before you get excited, there won't be any more episodes of Breaking Bad. But you have to give Jeffrey Katzenberg misguided credit for trying. While we were all, "boo hoo, this show we like is ending," he was apparently out there really doing something, offering Vince Gilligan and the gang $75 million to make another three episodes. Dude really likes Breaking Bad.

Addressing a crowd at the Mipcom entertainment market today, the DreamWorks Animation CEO reportedly revealed the huge sum he was willing to pay to stretch Walter White's longevity a little longer. Then he revealed how he was going to make all that money back, and why we would fucking hate it: he wanted to turn the series' final three episodes into "the best pay-per-view scripted TV event ever," and we sure were going to have to pay to view it. His plan was to shoot the episodes as full hours, then cut them up into 30 six-minute chapters, agonizingly released once a day for a month. Also, you'd have to give him 99 cents each for these six-minute episode bites, meaning you'd pay around $30 for just 90 minutes of disjointed tension.

Of course, given the way the series ended, it seems that three more episodes would be unnecessary and have a noticeable lack of gruff shouting, and Katzenberg now admits that it was "not a very good idea, as we now know." And besides, if you're going to turn Breaking Bad into short webisodes, obviously you have them follow the adventures of Tortoise and Danny Trejo's head. That's something I will watch exactly six minutes of a day.

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