Disney Making a Cruella de Vil Movie, To Help Us Finally Empathize with Fundamentally Evil Pet Poachers

October 1, 2013


Though Disney is now in control of and moving forward with some of the biggest film franchises of all time, they haven't forgotten their decades-old commitment to those smaller, personal films about killing dozens of puppies to wear their skin as a coat. As such, the studio is reportedly continuing on with the 101 Dalmations franchise, hiring The Devil Wears Prada screenwriter Aline Brosh McKenna to write Cruella, a live-action film to focus on the puppy fur-loving Cruella de Vil. Glenn Close already famously played the part across two films, and if there were any justice in the world of evil old rich people--and, as the government has just today shown us, there isn't--Arrested Development's Jessica Walter would already be attached to replace her. But as Disney's other upcoming villainess film, Maleficent, has Angelina Jolie in the lead, smart money goes on an A-list de Vil to be replaced in the straight-to-video sequels by Wendie Malick.

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